Healing Howlite & Mixed Stone Bracelet


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This colorful and fun new woven bracelet features a rainbow of colorful semi-precious stones and beads as well as a stunning Semi-Precious Blue Howlite large center stone. Our new Healing Howlite & Mixed Stone Bracelet provides a glimpse of joy and happiness with its radiant appearance alone!

Blue Howlite possesses unique brown, black, or grey stratification. Howlite is known as the anti-frustration stone. This stone is known for its calming effect. It is used to relieve stress and is excellent for those suffering from insomnia due to a hyper-excited mind. 

Closely connected to the crown chakra, Howlite is a clarity and head clutter-clearing stone. Wear this stunning bracelet and allow what lives in the past to remain in the past, what lies in the future to remain unknown, and solely focus on the present. The here and now is your only moment in time. 

  • Handmade
  • Item Type:Woven Bracelet
  • Stone:Semi-Precious Blue Howlite
  • Features:Mixed Beads and Semi-Precious Stones
  • Length:17 cm
  • Clasp: Adjustable

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