Healing Crystal Butterfly Bracelets


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Butterflies are a symbol of profound transformation and renewal. Their delicate beauty and graceful movements inspire hope and resilience. Believed to carry soothing energy, butterflies represent emotional healing and spiritual growth, encouraging individuals to embrace change and find beauty in life's transformative journey.

Turquoise radiates a calming energy, fostering emotional balance and spiritual growth. Believed to enhance communication and healing, it brings a sense of tranquility and protection, promoting well-being and positivity.

Amethyst emanates calming and protective energy, aiding in stress relief and spiritual clarity. This purple crystal is associated with balance, intuition, and inner peace, promoting overall well-being and mindfulness.

Green Agate emanates soothing and grounding energy, fostering balance and harmony. It's associated with growth and renewal, promoting emotional stability and connection to nature for overall well-being and positivity.

  • Item Type: Handmade Woven Bracelet
  • Material: Natural Stone, Rhinestone Butterfly, Gold-Plated Alloy, Thread
  • Stone Types: Amethyst, Green Agate, Turquoise
  • Clasp Type:  Lace-up, Adjustable
  • Length: 6.7-10.2 inches

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