August 02, 2021 2 min read

How Do Crystals Help Heal?

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that borrows concepts from many civilizations throughout time and from around the world. While the practice is at odds with traditional western medicine philosophy in general, many people seek out crystal healing to address certain health issues and find great benefit in the treatment.

But there are many questions that need to be answered before crystal healing can ever be considered a viable treatment option alongside other western medicine techniques. One of the most important questions about crystal healing is: how does the process actually work?

Crystal Healing: The Power of Natural Elements

Crystals found in nature have natural properties in them. Practitioners who use crystal healing for their clients focus on the energy and vibration of these crystals when selecting them for treatment sessions.

  • Energy - It is believed by those who use crystal healing in their practice that crystals of different types give off different forms of energy. For example: yellow topaz may provide some mental benefits, while green aventurine improves heart health. These properties are due to the specific energy each stone gives off.
  • Vibration/Frequency - Vibration in humans is said to be unstable, while vibration in crystals is stable and provides a means for grounding oneself and using the crystal as a guide.

Healing crystals have many specific benefits as well. A few of the recognized benefits that regular healing crystal users and practitioners cite include:

  • Calming the mind
  • Balancing the spirit
  • Ridding the body of toxic energy
  • And many, many more

The Science: How Crystals Aid in Healing

To date, there have not been any quality studies showing hard, scientific evidence that crystals directly or indirectly help in healing. The main benefit that seems to be achieved through crystal healing is most likely due to the placebo effect.
The placebo effect is a psychological phenomenon that essentially boils down to: if you believe that a medication or treatment is going to help you, that medication or treatment will help you.

Bottom Line

While western medicine may never fully adopt the idea of crystal healing, the practice will no doubt remain an option for those seeking improved spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health for many generations to come.