August 02, 2021 2 min read

Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

In this post, we will outline some common crystals as they relate to Zodiac signs so that you can tap into the unique energy potentials specific to your sign.

Aries and Carnelian
The perfect answer to the sometimes explosive personalities inherent in Aries; Carnelian will allow the individual to improve their mood and tamp down some of the more impulsive decisions they are known to make.

Taurus and Emerald
The obvious choice is a stone that deals with love for our romantic Taurus's. An emerald is an excellent option, as it will help strengthen their bonds of friendship and romance.

Gemini and Tiger’s Eye
Geminis will do well with a Tiger’s Eye crystal as it will balance out their naturally extroverted personalities.

Cancer and Opalite
Cancers tend to be sensitive in nature. The Opalite crystal will allow these individuals to communicate more freely with others without fear of a bad interaction.

Leo and Garnet
While Leos tend to be fearless leaders and excellent friends, they also tend to be conceited at times. Garnet will absorb these more negative thoughts of self-importance and allow the Leo to lead a humbler life.

Virgo and Red Jasper
Virgos are often very hard on themselves, believing that even their best accomplishments are not worth celebrating. Red Jasper crystals will allow the Virgo to have more confidence.

Libra and Bloodstone
Libras are obsessed with fairness and maintaining peace. The Bloodstone crystal allows these individuals the ability to better communicate with others, making their view of the world more easily understood.

Scorpio and Black Obsidian

Scorpios are known for their sometimes overly emotional responses to things. Black Obsidian will serve as a way to keep the Scorpio grounded and resist the urge to lose their temper.

Sagittarius and Black Obsidian
Sagittarius are encouraged by Black Obsidian to stay physically grounded and resist the urge to travel too far from home.

Capricorn and Fluorite

Capricorns can be seen as pessimistic, and Fluorite will help to fight this tendency.

Aquarius and Amethyst
These individuals are extremely intelligent but sometimes lack empathy for others. Amethyst can help them to keep a good emotional-intellectual balance.

Pisces and Clear Quartz
Sometimes describes as artistic and compassionate, Pisces benefit from Clear Quartz by receiving a complete chakra cleanse, allowing them improved focus on the world around them.