August 02, 2021 2 min read

Crystal Shapes: Raw Vs. Tumbled

Both Raw and tumbled crystals have unique characteristics that make them appealing to those who collect them. But what is the difference between them? Does the tumbling process remove any of the natural energy stored in the crystal? What about specific crystal shapes such as pyramids and hearts: when should each of these be used?

In this guide, we will answer some common questions surrounding crystal shapes to enable you to better tap into the energy of your crystals in different situations.

Raw Vs. Tumbled

Raw crystals are those that have all of the hard edges, bumps and imperfections you might expect to find in crystals that you pulled straight out of nature.

Tumbled crystals, on the other hand are ones that have been through a tumbling process designed to make them smoother with a finer, more polished look.

While it may seem like the tumbling process could diminish the energy found in a raw crystal, this is not the case. In fact, many people prefer one or the other type of crystals for a multitude of different reasons.

Different Crystal Shapes and When to Use Them

Specific shapes of crystals will better benefit your spiritual journey when they are used appropriately.

  • Heart‐Shaped: As you might imagine, heart crystals are associated with love and the heart chakra. If you are in need of some healing of your heart chakra, this is the shape of crystal you’ll want to seek out.
  • Pyramid: These crystals are some of the best for preserving energy, especially in the long term.
  • Wands: In contrast to crystal spheres, wands are used to specifically direct energy in a given direction, rather than radiate energy out in all directions. So if you have a specific purpose in mind toward which you want energy directed, wands are a great choice.
  • Round: While spherical and round crystals are often used for scrying purposes, depending on their specific makeup, they can also provide many other benefits to the user such as calmness, concentration, and decreased stress.
  • Egg‐Shaped: These crystals are usually associated with fertility and birth. For energy work dealing with similar topics, egg‐shaped crystals are the perfect choice.
  • Palm/Pocket: Palm crystals can be easily held near whichever chakra you are focusing on during your session. They are easy to hold and work well during any and all healing sessions.