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This beautiful new Seas the Day Necklace is handmade with all-natural stones resembling the amazing energy of the ocean. Why do we love the ocean so much? The ocean allows us to feel. People are naturally drawn to the sea; to play in it, love by it, swim in it, look at it, sail in it, and connect with it. Wear this necklace and be reminded of the peaceful feeling you get near the ocean... return to this space and allow calming energy to take over. LET THE SEA SET YOU FREE. Sometimes life is like the ocean, it goes up and down. Happiness comes in waves, but it is up to you to SEAS THE DAY!

Turquoise is a protective and stabilizing stone that helps enhance communication and intuition. It is used to balance the chakras, aid in meditation, and bring inner calmness. Turquoise is a Throat and Heart Chakra opener. Wear this gorgeous bracelet to enhance creative vision and predictive powers. Turquoise is a personal and special stone. It is the stone of self-acceptance and serenity. This stone helps with embracing thy self, flaws, and all. 

Pyrite is a favorite in the healing crystal community for its mirrored gold shine and metaphysical properties that promote the cultivation and expression of our purest life force. Pyrite gets its name from the Greek word for fire. Appropriately named as this stone resonates with the third chakra, the Solar Plexus, that fiery feeling in the belly where our sexual and creative desires burn hottest. We all need balance. Moon energy. Sun energy. Yin. Yang. Pyrite holds strong yang energy; firey & fierce! If you're feeling low energy, use Pyrite to bring you a warm energizing kick. Pyrite also encourages self-realization and self-reflection. This stone reminds us that we can adapt to our environment while maintaining our individuality. *Pyrite contains high iron content and can be used to aid in the treatment of anemia.

  • Item Type: Necklace
  • Material: Natural Stones, Leather, Metal
  • Stone Type: Semi-Precious Turquoise, Natural Gilded Stone, Pyrite
  • Clasp: Easy-hook

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