African Jasper Adjustable Boho Bracelet


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Grounding: African Jasper is thought to have grounding properties, helping individuals feel more connected to the Earth and promoting stability and balance in life.

Emotional Healing: It is believed to assist in emotional healing by encouraging positivity, inner peace, and emotional strength. It may help in reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Physical Healing: Some believe that African Jasper can support physical healing processes by boosting the immune system, promoting overall well-being, and enhancing vitality.

Creativity: African Jasper is associated with stimulating creativity and enhancing problem-solving skills. It is believed to help individuals think more clearly and develop innovative solutions.

Protection: It is thought to offer protection from negative energies and promote a sense of security and safety.

Spiritual Growth: African Jasper is believed to aid in spiritual growth and evolution by fostering a deeper connection to oneself and enhancing intuition and insight.

  • Item Type: Yoga Bracelet
  • Materials: Natural African Jasper, Rope
  • Length: 6.6 inches, Adjustable Pull-String

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