Our Story

Meet Krista and Jason, brother and sister, the founders of Earth Healing Stones.

Located just outside of busy, fast-paced Chicago, IL is our sacred Earth Healing Stones office. We share a unique, special, and close bond that we do not take for granted. Brother and sister by blood, but best friends by choice. We lived in beautiful Chicago, IL for six years; a city full of beauty, tall buildings, museums, art, and restaurants. After many years, however, we found ourselves missing nature. Yearning for a more powerful connection to Gaia, we decided to leave the city and head to the suburbs where the grass is green, trees are tall, birds are chirping, and neighborhoods provide peace and quiet.

As brother and sister with very similar interests and hobbies, we decided to team up and put our current knowledge, practices, tips, recommendations, and inspirations to good use! Our goal is to help others find a deeper connection and balance between the mind, body, and spirit. We created Earth Healing Stones as a way to help people along their journey to finding inner peace. We sell healing crystals, stone jewelry, meditation malas, and zen decor.

Jason is a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle, has read and re-read The Power of Now a handful of times, is greatly inspired by the film, "The Secret", and has studied and practiced Buddhism for years. Krista found a deep passion for yoga three years ago. Her practice has been life-changing, grounding, inspiring, and has influenced positive change. Krista is a pediatric nurse and an avid yogi just trying to find a healthy balance between bettering herself and serving others.
We are glad you've found our store! Feel free to contact us via Facebook, Instagram, or by email (support@earthhealingstones.com).

We are here for YOU!
Krista & Jason