Black Agate Grounding Wrap Bracelet


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Agate stones are known for their ability to provide stability. With slow and steady energy, these powerful stones are excellent for grounding. Where this Black Agate Grounding Wrap Bracelet and feel a soft strength connect with the steady energy of the earth. Use Agate stones during times of imbalance, when it feels like the yin and yang distribution within you is off. Natural Agate brings harmony back into all aspects of life; mind, body, and spirit. Wear natural Agate stones while setting intentions and manifesting your greatest desires.

Hematite stones provide protection and grounding, absorbs and dissolves negative energy, detoxifies, and increases personal magnetism for positivity.

The color black promotes protection and helps disperse negative energy and stress.

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Bracelet Type: 5 Layer Wrap Bracelet
  • Style: Bohemian
  • Natural Stones: Black Agate, Hematite
  • Material: Natural Stones, Crystal and Brass Beads, Black Wax Cord
  • Size: 32 inches with 3 Loops for Adjustment

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