Heart Shaped Natural Rose Quartz


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This Heart Shaped Natural Rose Quartz is a soft translucent pink color. Pink crystals traditionally represent love, compassion, and kindness. 

Rose Quartz is an excellent healing stone for those suffering from stress as it soothes emotions and helps slow the release of stress hormones. Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. It is the highest valued crystal associated with the heart chakra. This stone opens the heart to love, relationships, and romance. It encourages compassion towards yourself and others, forgiveness, empathy, and soothes heartache including grief. If your heart is in need of healing, use Rose Quartz in the following ways: place under your pillow, hang in your bedroom, bathe in rose quartz gem infused water, hold in hand, or place over heart for meditation.

Recommended by users: display several Heart Shaped Natural Rose Quartz stones in a bowl on a counter or coffee table at home as decoration. Not only does this add a unique and beautiful touch, but it also encourages a house full of unconditional love and positive energy.

  • Material: Natural Pink Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Shape: Heart
  • Size: About 1in x 1in

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