Wheel of Dharma Mala Bracelet


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This powerful Wheel of Dharma Prayer Bead Mala Bracelet features natural stones specifically chosen to aid in the balance of your spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. Each chakra vibrates at a different color frequency represented by these 7 unique stones.  Bring attention to the body's seven energy centers (chakras) and allow for balance to transpire; allow life's energy to flow and align with your spiritual energy body.

Amazonite helps with emotional issues, energy healing, balances stress, heals trauma, soothes unbalanced or negative energies, and encourages courage and truth.

Indian Agate encourages gentleness, relaxation, tranquility, comfort, healing, wholeness, provides protection, and helps soothe the mind yet increases energy.

Amethyst promotes intellectual thought, clear thinking, sobriety, emotional balance, and connection to the crown chakra. 

Tiger's Eye is a protection stone, helps with strengthening, grounding, restores equilibrium, focus to accomplish goals, and brings confidence and optimism.

Red Jasper helps to support and sustain us during stressful times, offers protection, absorbs negative energy, useful in unifying, and providing balance in all aspects of life.

Hematite stones provide protection, absorbs and dissolves negative energy, grounding, detoxifying, and increases personal magnetism for positivity.

Citrine encourages warmth, confidence, humor, laughter, and promotes an inner flow.

  • Item Type: Prayer Bead Mala Bracelet
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Total Length: 19cm 
  • Stones: Amazonite, Indian Agate, Amethyst, Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper, Hematite, Citrine
  • Metal: Zinc Alloy

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