Serene Celestine Wrap Bracelet


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The Serene Celestine Wrap Bracelet features a large iridescent Celestine center stone.  Like ice crystals, this gorgeous Celestine crystal casts magnificent blue, purple, pink, and yellow colors. The name "Celestine" means 'of the sky'. It is said that this stone was discovered by a popular star group called the Pleiades and it holds ancient celestial wisdom. 

Natural Celestine is directly associated with not one, but three Chakras (the body's energy centers); the crown, brow, and throat chakras. This stone is a wonderful meditation stone. it supports enhanced states of awareness and encourages feelings of peace and unity. This crystal also enhances personal creative and artistic expression, peaceful negotiation, clairvoyant communication, and dream recall. 

Howlite is a snowy white bead with a unique grey stratification. It is a calming stone. It's used to relieve stress. This bracelet is excellent for those suffering from insomnia due to a hyper-excited mind. The color white traditionally represents peace, and tranquility, and encourages new beginnings. 

Picasso Jasper is a pleasant, happy stone that reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life. This gorgeous natural stone promotes optimism and openness. Picasso Jasper helps attract positive people and relationships into one's life. It encourages friendships to blossom in a healthy and loving way.

  • Item Type: 5 Layer Wrap Bracelet
  • Material: Semi-precious Stones, Beads, Leather, Metal
  • Stone Type: Celestine, Howlite, Picasso Jasper
  • Metal: Zinc Alloy
  • Clasp: Easy-hook
  • Length:33 in + 3 Loops for Adjustment/Sizing

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