August 01, 2021 2 min read

How To Balance Your Chakras

The frequency which you emit will be the same frequency you receive in life. This is why balancing your seven chakras through different techniques combined with healing crystals can be both rewarding and relieving.

When you are in high frequency an abundance of opportunities, positive vibes, and good people will be attracted to you as you to them. When our chakras are out of sync we will have negative feedback. Your throat chakra may be sending you a sign if you develop a sore throat.

But even if in life we do not feel out of sync it is beneficial to consistently practice balancing your chakras to remain open to receiving good energy.

These techniques will help you do this.


Visualizing can be a powerful way to manifest the life you want. If performed daily while wearing healing crystal jewelry you will open the charkas up to receiving good energy.

Emphasize what you look like when you are being who you want to be or embodying your highest self. What do you sound like? Walk like? How do you speak? This will create an emotional response and allow the chakras to take in the vibrations you personifying.

If you are someone who wants to love and be loved, rose quartz crystals emit vibrational energy consistent with compassion and kindness towards yourself and others.

Meditation and Chanting

Meditation and crystals go hand-in-hand and amplify the effects of one another. When practiced simultaneously, the benefits become enhances greatly. If you are meditating on a specific chakra hoping to cleanse and re-balance that specific energy center, choose a crystal associated with that chakra to intensify your practice.

The Sacral Charka is responsible for your emotions. Crystals that correlate with the Sacral Chakra are Orange, Peach, and Brown Stones. Or this would be Carnelian, Imperial Topaz, Amber, and more.

Before, after, or during your meditation practice, you can include chanting. The vibrations of your voice during this will help clear up blockages to your chakras. If you don’t have a gong don’t worry. There are several YouTube tutorials online.

Daily Practice

As mentioned briefly in the intro even if you are feeling like your chakras are in alignment, the work should keep going. Having a daily practice continues to keep all 7 energy centers in a harmonious flow. Every individual has a different and unique vibration which means their practices will be unique as well.

Your healing crystals can be incorporated into every part of your practice whether they be used in combination with chanting, meditation, or other rituals as they enhance your practice. Different crystals work on different charkas which is often why users have varying crystals for specific intentions.

At the end of the day balancing your chakras is a beautiful practice that has many opportunities for using different healing crystals to fit your needs. Some practices may register with your chakras more than others and the power of some crystals may be more felt. This directly goes back to the way your body will emit and receive attractions.

Be yourself. Stay open. And practice daily.