Traditional Green Malachite Mala


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Green like the color of money, Malachite cultivates creativity, confidence, and command pushing you to the next level financially. Malachite is a major motivator as it encourages you to get up and get going, not just to be a better earner, but a better leader and a better you. A deep green color with rhythmic swirls helps shift you off from the busy outside world and return you to Mother Nature. Malachite serves as a protector of an open heart as well and as a restorative healer of a wounded heart. Wear this Traditional Natural Green Malachite Mala with Copper Accents or meditate with this gorgeous piece and allow money, power, and glory to transpire.

Wearing copper in the form of jewelry has been achieved for thousands of years due to the many health benefits copper provides. Copper relieves joint stiffness and pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties, slows down the aging process on the inside and outside due to its anti-aging properties, increases cardiovascular health for those suffering from copper deficiency, helps with mineral absorptions including zinc and iron, boosts the immune system by jump-starting hemoglobin production ultimately improving blood circulation and immunity, and helps produce melanin which is essential for color pigmentation of hair ultimately slowing graying of the hair.

Wear this Mala around your neck or hold it in your right hand and drape the beads over your middle and index fingers. Meditate with this mala necklace. Recite your favorite mantra while moving your thumb along each of its 108 beads. Observe strength, creativity, and confidence begin to manifest in your life.

  • Item Type: Traditional 108 Bead Mala
  • Metals Type: Copper Alloy
  • Stone Type: Malachite
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Clasp Type: Lace-up
  • Length: about 80cm
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Feature: can be bracelet and necklace

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