Pure Essential Oils Bundle (10ml)

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Lavender - clean, calming, fresh, & floral scent. Lavender is excellent for beginners. Highly popular with many health benefits, lavender essential oils are a must have for most households. Promotes relaxation and feelings of calmness, eases tension and anxiety, helps balance the mind, body, and spirit, smooths minor skin irritations including acne, sunburn, burns, eczema, and psoriasis, and support aging skin.

Tea Tree - the most widely used and most researched essential oil. Clean and refreshing scent. Excellent oil to add to cleaning products or a diffuser for a fresh clean house aroma. Incorporate into your beauty routine and personal care products. Reduces the appearance of blemishes, excellent for hair and scalp (say goodbye to embarrassing dandruff!), eliminates musty odors, and acts as a natural deodorant. 

Rosemary - widely used as an aromatic and personal care product. A rich herbaceous and woodsy aroma, rosemary is a botanic stemming from the mint family. Most widely used for its ability to create an energizing environment and promote clarity.

Orange - an uplifting, sweet, and bright burst of natural liquid sunshine! Diffuse orange essential oils in the morning to start your day feeling energized, refreshed, and happy. Excellent for uplifting energy, warming a space, apply to skin to reduce the appearance of blemishes, can be added to household cleaners for a clean citrus scent, and a fantastic adhesive remover.

Peppermint - Our personal favorite essential oil! Peppermint provides such stimulation; a jolt of motivation and energy! A cool, minty, refreshing, and herbal aroma. Peppermint essential oils enhance focus, soothe and cool fatigued muscles, provides an invigorating and cleansing feeling when inhaled. 

Lemongrass - a sophisticated, relaxing, and subtle citrus scent. Lemongrass inspires a sense of clarity and relaxation. A wonderful oil to add to laundry detergent. Use during a post-workout massage. Lemongrass contains skin-cleansing properties, helps eliminate bad odors, and removes musky odors. It contains a powerful grassy lemon aroma. 

  • Main Ingredient: Plant Extracts
  • Volume: (6) 10ml Bottles
  • Use: Add 3-5 Drops to Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Storage: Keep in a cool place with minimal sunshine. Keep away from children and pets. 

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