Rainbow Quartz Wire Wrap Necklace


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Quartz crystals are widely known as the "master healing crystal." Quartz stones have the ability to absorb all types of energies making these crystals highly versatile and beneficial for all conditions. As an all-around healer, these stones have a magnificent effect on your emotional, physical, psychic, and auric well-being. 

Rainbow Quartz Crystals are powerful manifestation crystals. Holding each color of the rainbow in one precious stone is beneficial as it stimulates every chakra. Each chakra vibrates at a particular color frequency and influences a particular set of physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns. This Rainbow Quartz Wire Wrap Necklace will help balance and regulate your chakras.

While wearing this Rainbow Quartz pendant necklace, focus on each color individually along with its corresponding chakra. Once you become attuned to the crystal and your 7 chakras, you will then be ready to use conscious content to activate your manifestation wishes. As a highly purifying and absorbent stone, the process of your manifestation will be vastly accelerated. 

Rainbow Quartz not only enhances your physical and spiritual energy levels but intensify energy frequencies of other crystals as well. Wear this amplifying energy crystal pendant around your neck to regulate, connect, and absorb your sparkle for life. Vibrate on your highest frequency. Omit the type of energy you want to receive!

*Rainbow Stone may vary slightly due to natural stone properties.

  • Item Type: Pendant Necklace
  • Fine or Fashion: Trendy Fashion
  • Pendant Size: about 4cm/1.2inch
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Material: Semi-Precious Rainbow Quartz Stone
  • Chain size: 50+5cm

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