Grounding Tiger's Eye Buddha Mala


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Tiger's Eye is a grounding stone. It promotes integrity, proper use of power, and finishing what you start. Used to balance emotions, calm scattered thoughts, and resolve internal conflicts. 

This attractive stone resembles the eye of a tiger, hence its name. Roman soldiers often carried this stone in battle to ensure feelings of fearlessness, courage, and protection. 

Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Tiger's Eye promotes feelings of trust, courage, and personal responsibility. Wear this Grounding Tiger's Eye Buddha Mala to help reduce negative thoughts and emotions directed at thyself that may be creating personal setbacks, stress, or feelings of being stuck. Tiger's Eye encourages you to utilize your resources in order to accomplish big goals. 

Wear this Mala around your neck or hold it in your right hand and drape the beads over your middle and index fingers. Meditate with this mala necklace. Recite your favorite mantra while moving your thumb along each of its 108 beads.

  • Item Type: Mala Necklace or Bracelets
  • Clasp Type: Easy-hook
  • Stone:  Natural Tiger's Eye
  • Charm: Tree of Life
  • Bead Size: 6 mm
  • Length: ~75 cm

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