Calming Tourmaline Tree of Life Mala


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Embrace the many healing properties omitted by Natural Tourmaline. Many colors including pink, blue, black, and green all provide unique benefits. Wear this Calming Tourmaline Tree of Life Mala and feel an overwhelming sense of self-love, relaxation, and inner peace. This stone helps to harmonize sexuality and spirituality. Tourmaline activates the heart chakra enhancing love, tenderness, patience, and emotional healing.

  • Green Tourmaline (the yang to the yin of pink tourmaline) represents living, thriving, growing, courage, strength, and reception to love.
  • Black Tourmaline represents protection, an energized physical body, elimination of negative thoughts or inner conflict, and turns negativity into positivity. 
  • Pink Tourmaline represents the heart, love, and compassion. It encourages a gentle demeanor during times of change and growth.
  • Blue Tourmaline represents peace, tranquility, communication from the heart, harmony, tolerance for people's differences, and honesty. 

A tree of life charm symbolizes personal growth. Just like a tree grows by being nurtured, practice providing care, and love for yourself in order to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Wear this Mala around your neck or hold it in your right hand and drape the beads over your middle and index fingers. Meditate with this mala necklace. Recite your favorite mantra while moving your thumb along each of its 108 beads.

  • Item Type: Mala Necklace or Bracelets
  • Stone:  Natural Tourmaline
  • Charm: Tree of Life
  • Bead Size: 6 mm
  • Charm Size: 20 mm
  • Length: 78-80 cm

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