7 Chakra Healing Crystal Set


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From novice to expert, we believe everyone can benefit from our new 7 CHAKRA HEALING CRYSTAL SET

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The size of these lovely crystals is about 15mm-25mm. Crystals will be similar but vary in shape and size. Set includes a drawstring bag, 7 chakra stones, and chakra information sheet

The crystals in this set include: 

  • RED JASPER (Red) - "Root Chakra" - Courage, Stability, Grounding, Survival
  • CARNELIAN (Orange) - "Sacral Chakra" - Passion, Endurance, Creativity, Strength
  • CITRINE (Yellow) - "Solar Plexus Chakra" - Warmth, Confidence, Humour, Laughter, Inner Glow
  • GREEN AVENTURINE (Green) - "Heart Chakra" - Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Relationships
  • SODALITE (Dark Blue) - "Throat Chakra" - Communication, Sound, Self-Expression
  • AMETHYST (Purple) - "Third Eye Chakra" - Intuition, Concentration, Self Knowledge, Insight
  • CLEAR QUARTZ (Clear) - "Crown Chakra" - Positive Thoughts, Spirituality, Overall Balance

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